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Arts Integration allows the Music Teacher to join musical concepts into the general curriculum as well as to link with other aspects of fine or performing arts. Examples of this may be using rhythms to aid math concepts, discussing music history as it pertains to life in a historical time-frame discussed by the general teacher, or even including dance or visual arts in music creation. 

Mrs. McNiff is a passionate supporter of arts integration and strives to include integration in every aspect of her classes. 

In Primary Grades, we incorporate Science and take apart a piano to learn how music is made by sound-waves and mechanics. 

Elementary incorporation of History and learn the story of our oldest complete melody: the Epitaph of Seikilos in Ancient Greek. We even learn how to sing it ourselves. 


In 3rd Grade, we incorporate History learn about music and how important it was in the Tudor and Stuart courts, and what performance skills said about a person. 



In Upper Elementary, we incorporate Math and use pool noodles and music notation to understand fractions.

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