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The following videos are a nine-part, fourteen hour, survey course concerning the History of Sacred Music in Western Culture. This series serves as a sample of Mrs. McNiff's grasp of Musicology and Music History.  Mrs. McNiff has also created an accompanying course called: "Sacred Music in Non-Western Culture", in which she surveys musical traditions from various cultures around the world.  Sponsored by St. Mark the Evangelist Church of Oro Valley, Arizona, this particular set focuses upon the history of sacred music in the Catholic Church.  Additional courses have been made from the perspective of Western Music and Unitarian Universalism.

Video 1: Ancient Beginnings (Christian Music pre-Carolingian Renaissance)

Video 2: Unification to Expansion (800 ce-1150 ce)

Video 3: Complexity to Aestheticism (1150-1430)

Video 4: Beyond Boundaries (1430-1610)

Video 5: Different Planes (1610-1680)

Video 6: Brave New Battles (1680-1790)

Video 7: Industry and Innovation (1790-1890)

Video 8: Modernization (1850-1900)

Video 9: What Is Next? (1900-Present Day)





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