The following button contains a video of my scaffolding of our Bucket Drum rhythms for accompanying our choir's performance of "Bonse Aba". Our choir has created a community around singing and bucket drumming, this is a new addition to our school this year. To engage students, I have used "watermeLON" which is a viral video statement via Vine. Our parents donated our bucket drums, incorporating our school families into our efforts to increase accessibility of music to all of our students regardless of their interests. 

Leadership within the community takes a myriad of forms. Click below for samples from Audivi Vocem Conductors Choir Summer Institute which engaged choral communities in both Tucson and Tempe to support our Arizona undergraduate students majoring in Music Education and representing the University of Arizona, Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University. Also click below for community engagement with non-choral singers in a Pub Setting inspired by Toronto's Choir! Choir! Choir! Finally, for a sample of community engagement within a school setting, click on the final video for a sample of teaching students Bucket Drumming Rhythms based on a viral video found on Vine. 

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