Mrs. McNiff has earned the status of Highly Distinguished educator multiple times through her years serving schools in both the Tucson Unified School District and at Leman Academy of Excellence in East Tucson. She is regularly acknowledged by her administration the quality of her instruction as well as classroom management. 

Mrs. McNiff has taught in all capacities from Pre-K to High School, collegiate and lifelong learning. Lessons are always outside of the box, focused on a classical mindset and draw on the teaching philosophies of Charlotte Mason and Marva Collins. 

Since 2018, Mrs. McNiff has taught at Leman Academy of Excellence in East Tucson. She has taught both K-3 and K-7. Between 2015-2018, Mrs. McNiff taught at Prek-5th at several elementary schools in Tucson Unified Public Schools as part of the "Opening Minds Through the Arts" Performance and Arts Integration Department. Between 2011-2013, Mrs. McNiff taught as the Director of Music and Drama at Deborah's Stage Door School for the Performing Arts where  she taught grades K-12.

In addition to teaching, Mrs.McNiff has been an active researcher, focusing on Special Needs in the General Music Classroom and multi-cultural awareness.

  • 1st Button: a sample curriculum for an in-person unit

  • 2nd Button: a sample curriculum for a virtual unit.

  • 1st video sample: demonstrates introducing a performance song to 4th grade students

  • 2nd video sample: demonstrates students using hand-clapping games to create kinesthetic awareness while learning a song in Middle English

  • 3rd video sample: Veteran's Day Video, music and choirs directed by Mrs. McNiff

  • 4th video sample: a virtual 1st grade lesson

  • 5th video sample: a virtual 3rd grade music history lesson and story

  • 6th video sample: a quarantined Recorder lesson